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Monday, 28 February 2011

SDSA Motorcycle Couriers - Change of Ownership

Hi All,

well it's been a long time since I made a new post, but as you may have read, I had a back problem last December which the Doc has told me could happen again at any time without notice. Not a good thing to happen when on a motorcycle!

So I have hung up my boots now, haven't been on the bike since the back problem happened, although I have been starting it regularly and rolling back and forth to keep the brakes free.

Anyway, to the main purpose of this post, the change of ownership for SDSA Motorcycle Couriers. The new owner is Chris Kenwright of CK Motorcycle Couriers.

Chris offers an identical service to the one I offered, point to pint, dedicated same day couriers services to the same high level as I worked to, in fact I helped Chris get started in his business a number of years ago now and he has completed numerous courier  jobs for me to a very high standard. So with this in mind, I am reassured that my existing clients will not be dissappointed at all and can highly recommend his services to anyone reading this post.

CK Motorcycle Couriers also have a small van for your larger consigments, a service I couldn't offer.

So all that remains of for me to thank you for following this blog over the years and to hand you over to Chris, you can find his web site here:

All the best and safe riding