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Monday, 31 May 2010

ST1100 Heli Bars

Are you an ST1100 owner, do you struggle sometimes on longer trips, could you do with a more upright seating position to improve comfort?

The answer could be to fit a set of Heli Bars to your bike, I used these on my last ST and found a great improvement because you can raise the bars by up to 3 inches and can also set them back by as much as 3 inches.

I had them fitted to a non ABS bike so the hoses and cables were fine, not sure if the same hold true for the ANS model.

As far as I am aware, these bars are no longer manufactured by Heli Modified in the US and are becoming very rare indeed. Having said this I have just listed set on so if you want a set now is the time to go and grab them.

Brief description:

Part number: MTS (95-02)
Condition: used

These Heli Bars come complete with the bar end thread inserts fitted, so you don’t have to go and source them or wreck your original bars trying to get them out. Have also included a pair of bar end weights and a RAM ball mount for a GPS in the sale.

You can find them here:
ST1100 Heli Bars on

Here is what they look like fitted:

These Heli Bars will be on for a week.

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