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Saturday, 13 February 2010

2012 Olympic Games – Courier Services

Yes, the UK are hosting the 2012 Olympic Games and in preparation for this there is much activity going on in the background right now. The business opportunities are vast for both large and small businesses, there are countless numbers of buyers seeking service providers, contractors and all manner of different types of suppliers.

Virtually all of these contracts that are being awarded for services all require tenders to be submitted, this is where SDSA Motorcycle Couriers can help you, we will take your tenders to the awarding authorities within the deadlines, thus helping you to be with a real chance of securing the contract you are seeking.

We can also deliver or collect any documents you need, deliver proofs, parts, name badges, in fact anything that will safely fit in our motorcycle luggage.

During on site construction things can and do go wrong and therefore spare parts or replacements are need quickly before work can recommence, we can deliver those parts in a fast and safe manner for you.

SDSA Motorcycle Couriers services cover the Greater Peterborough and East Midlands area but are happy to travel further afield if required.

Don't lose out on the huge opportunites associated with this event, use the services of a dedicated same day motorcycle courier.
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Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Your Tender Document – What’s it worth to you?

So what is your tender document worth to you in terms of cost so far and potential earnings for your business? A valid question, especially when you are thinking about the cost of sending it to whoever you are tendering with.

Let’s take a step back in time, you or one of your team have identified a project that could bring your business more work along with huge potential earnings now and into the future securing the long term future for your firm and your employees.

Right so the project has been identified and you really want to win that contract for the reasons mentioned above. So now the tendering process starts, you set a team to work, investigating all the data, facts and figures that are needed for compilation into the final tender document that will finally be submitted to the organisation inviting tenders for the contract.

It’s not unusual for many weeks or even months of man hours to be expended in preparing tender documents; this in itself represents a huge cost that has to be recouped, hopefully by you winning that contract.

There will be a deadline for submission of tenders for the contract, so now you have to decide how you will get the tender to the recipient, there are many choices including the standard mail system, next day couriers but these have potential flaws, your document could be delayed or even lost by either of these methods for any of a multitude of reasons including lightning strikes by postal workers.

You could of course take the tender in person but again this would be costing time and money, while you or your employee is spending time delivering the tender, they will not be doing the task you actually pay them to do.

This is were our dedicated motorcycle courier service steps in to help, we are fully aware of the meaning of deadlines and the potential losses that could be incurred if they are not met.

From you initially contacting us for your no obligation quote we start planning the delivery, we need to ensure there is sufficient time allowed for meeting the deadline and will advise you of this, we will take into account any major road works along the route or any other problems that could cause delays and find ways of avoiding them.

If the deadline is first thing in the morning we would advise that we collect the documents the night before the deadline, it’s not unusual for us to be on the road at 5AM to meet a 9AM deadline in Newcastle, whatever it takes we will do to ensure the deadline is met and your tender is safely delivered.

For your peace of mind, as soon as the document has been signed for by the recipient we will call you to let you know that the job has been completed.

We would urge you when getting courier quotes for delivery of you tender that you first of all only use a dedicated courier and do not get overly concerned by the cost, yes it may be a few hundred pounds depending on the distances involved, but when you weigh it up against the cost of producing the document and the potential loss if it doesn’t get delivered, then the courier costs pales into insignificance and finally, remember, you are using the services of a dedicated courier which means that it’s almost certain that he will be returning empty after making your delivery.
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Tuesday, 9 February 2010

What Is a Dedicated Courier Service?

Imagine having a courier that provides his services exclusively to you for the amount of time that you need. During this time he does not work for any other entity, his time and effort are all yours and yours alone. Whilst he is on the road making your deliveries he will be carrying only your documents or items, he will not be carrying work for anyone else. In fact you could rightly consider a dedicated courier as an on call partner, there when you need him to provide a crucial service that could make the difference between meeting deadlines or securing high value contracts for your business or losing them.

This is precisely the service that SDSA Motorcycle Couriers provides to their clients, we work on this dedicated basis, we do not carry packages or items for many clients at the same time, we only carry yours. You may be thinking why do we work like this, since our formation back in August 2006 we recognised that there was a need for a dedicated motorcycle courier service that could deliver highly sensitive documents or data media in a fast and secure manner.

By working in this dedicated way we can 100% assure our clients that their vital documents or packages can never get lost, misplaced or delayed for any reason. This is primarily because our clients items are always delivered by the same courier that collects them, we do not have depots dotted around the country where items are transferred from vehicle to vehicle for onward transmission. Our service is truly point to point by the fastest route possible. Also keep in mind, that by only carrying your items there can be no temptation to deviate from the route to deliver another client's items along the route which of course could cause delays or even a wrong document could be delivered to the wrong recipient.

Security is also of paramount importance when carrying sensitive items such as data media, tenders or anything else that is of a highly confidential nature. This is precisely why we do not take the opportunity of advertising while we are working by having livery or logo's on our motorcycles so as not to attract attention to our activities. If you saw one of our motorcycles on the road, you would not know that it was a courier going about his business, he is just another motorcyclist as far as the public are concerned. Our motorcycles are also fitted with secure and lockable luggage, not the strapped on type of luggage, our luggage is purpose made and becomes an integral part of the motorcycle which offers the highest levels of security and weather protection for your items.

Communication is also an extremely important part of our service which is why all of our riders are equipped with hands free answering facilities in their helmets allowing them to take your call whilst on the road. You may be calling to check on progress or for any other reason, but we do know that this offers additional peace of mind to our clients.

I hope this has explained what a dedicated motorcycle courier is all about, if you have any questions or would like to discuss having a work done for you do not hesitate to get in touch.

Best regards

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