This blog will be about the life and experiences of an active motorcycle courier in the UK who rides all over the UK and into western Europe.

Sunday, 24 January 2010

First Motorcycle Courier Job Since The Snow Cleared

After just over a month off the bike because of the Christmas and New Year Break and of course the snow that covered most of the country we have finally completed the first job in just over a month.

It was good to get back on the road after so long and I am pleased to say the bike performed perfectly.

The first leg was quite miserable owing to the rain which was almost constant for the first 260 miles which involved deliveries in Birmingham and Abingdon. It was nice to arrive at the Days Inn at junction 8A on the M40 around 10PM for an overnight stop.

First job, get the heating on in the room and pile up the damp stuff for drying overnight and then a nice long hot shower.

Got up in the morning and was relieved to see there was no rain, all the kit was dry on the heater so went and had a unhurried breakfast, got some fuel and set out on the second leg of this job, deliveries in Southampton and the City of London.

You know it's amazing how fuel prices vary around the country, at our local Morrissons it's 110.9p a liter, at the Oxford services when I filled up it was 118.9p (BP), then at the Stansted services just off the M11 it was 117.9p (Shell) per liter.

Traffic was slow in London as I got nearer to the Thames because Hammersmith Bridge was closed and it was causing traffic to back up a bit.

Well another job completed, a happy client and another 522 miles on the bike.

Safe riding