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Saturday, 12 December 2009

Mid Layer Thermals - First Use

I had the chance to test out these Sub Zero Thermals yesterday, Friday 12th December on a run from Peterborough to Harlow, a round trip of 180 miles.

The weather was horrible, very cold and thick fog both ways, the whole run took about 4 hours in all because of the M11 and A14 traffic around Cambridge in the early evening.

Anyway, for this run I wore my normal silk base layer with the new thermals as the mid layer underneath the Gortex outer suit.

First impression was how well these Sub Zero thermals fitted, almost like a second skin so to speak but without being tight or restrictive in any way.

Regarding performance, all I can say is brilliant, I didn't get too hot nor did I get cold at all, it was almost as if they had a thermostat on them to regulate the temperature. But, yes it was a warm and comfortable ride in what were pretty awfull weather conditions for the whole of the trip.

So based on this I can wholeheartedly recommend the Factor 2 Mid Layer Thermals from Sub Zero, see my previous post about these to find the link to their current special offer.

And as footnote, see my last post, their customer service is scond to none.

Safe riding


Royal Mail – Non Delivery First hand Experience

As you may have read in my last post I ordered a set of Mid Layer Thermals from Sub Zero in Leicester who are only about 38 miles from me. They sent the package by 1st Class Registered Mail on the 3rd December but they never arrived. Interestingly Chris from Northampton Motorcycle Couriers also ordered some of these just after me, his arrived a few days later.

I rang Sub Zero and they requested me to check at the local Post Office to see if the package was there, it wasn’t. So I spoke to them again and they senty me another set out, but this time I requested they be sent out on Special Delivery which they did, the package arrived the very next day.

So there you have it, the mail system just cannot be relied upon in this way. By paying for the Special Delivery I actually got my items, but you would have thought that by being sent registered they wouldn’t have got lost – but they did.

My advice is if you are getting a valuable item sent to you pay the extra for Special Delivery, or better still use a dedicated courier service and then you definitely get a guaranteed delivery.

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Thermal Mid Layer Clothing

Yes it’s getting colder now and at my tender years I am finding that I am feeling the cold more now. I did a run last Monday down to Grays in Essex, the wind was howling and plenty of rain to boot and I found once I had got cold I just couldn’t get warm again.

With this in mind I felt it was time to research some warmer mid layer clothing, the layer that goes between the base layer and the Gortex outer clothing.

I spent almost a day researching this, having looked at the Oxford Chillout range and the EDZ range but I the end I elected for the Sub Zero gear. I read various reviews about this clothing including a very in depth one at Web Bike World which can be read here:

On further routing around on Sub Zero’s site I can across a special offer for this gear saving me £20 so I went for that, I don’t know how long this offer is valid for, but here is the link:

Now I am looking forward to this thermal mid layer clothing arriving so I can try it out on the bike, I will report back after a few uses and let you know how it goes.


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