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Saturday, 11 July 2009

The No To Bike Parking Charges Campaign - Latest

For anyone who rides a motorcycle or scooter in London, this should be of interest to you as you could soon be forced to pay for parking your two wheeler in London.

There have been many peaceful demonstration's by motorcyclist's recently against this charge, but now the campaign has reached a new level and the organisers are trying to raise the funds to launch a judicial review, please visit their web site to learn more and lend your support in any way you can:

If this parking charge is successfully launched in London it will not be long before it spreads throughout the UK and you will have to pay parking charges everywhere.

As a motorcycle courier who regularly delivers to address in London, parking for a maximum of 5 minutes each time, I do not want to have to pay a parking charge just for trying to earn an honest living.

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Long Ride Yesterday

I had a long courier ride yesterday to Glasgow some 620 miles in all. The ride itself went very well and the wather was kind to me - no rain. I set off at 7AM and arrived in Glasgow at about 11:45 with one fuel stop along the way and got home around 5:45PM.

Now there is nothing exciting in the above but there are two other things I wanted to mention:

The first being the massive variations in fuel prices in the country. I filled up at our local BP garage the evening before this ride and paid £1.03 per litre, en-route I filled up at the Southwaite services on the M6 in Cumbria and paid a whopping £1.08 per litre, this is some difference equating to a difference of £1.05 for a full fill up of 21 litres, could have paid one days London parking fee with that :-)

The second reason is that the route took me along the M74 through Lockerbie, I was last there in December 1988 as part of the team of service people looking for passenger remains and aircraft wreckage after Pan Am 103 was bombed out of the sky on 21 December 1998, it's sent a real chill up my spine.

Anyway safe riding


Saturday, 4 July 2009

Same Day Motorcycle Courier to Europe

I have just posted a new web page detailing our dedicated same day confidential motorcycle courier service to mainland Europe, it's not a new service as we have been doing same day deliveries to Amsterdam for a while.

However, I thought it was time to let potential clients know that this is a service we can and do offer already.

I have given a few examples of the services we provide on the new page, but as each job is unique we encourage new clients to make contact to discuss their requirements so that we can create a bespoke quotation for them based upon their needs.

If a dedicated same day motorcycle courier service is of interest please visit our new Same Day Confidential Motorcycle Courier Service to Mainland Europe web page.

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We Have De-Registered For VAT

SDSA Motorcycle Couriers became a VAT de-registered business on 1st July 2009 which means that we have been able to lower our courier rates for all of our customers which has to be good news.

Our new prices are now very easy to understand and are explained in full at our rates and costs for couriers services page, on this page you will also find worked examples.

I would like to reassure you that even though our prices have come down our high levels of service have not been compromised in any way at all. The level of security and dedication to your job is and always will be of paramount importance to us.

We have also introduced a new pricing structure for courier jobs into mainland Europe, they are slightly higher than the UK domestic rates simply because fuel and accommodation is more expensive in Europe. Eurotunnel crossings will be charged at the prevailing Eurotunnel cost on the day of booking the job because we have no control over this.

You can find full details of the mainland Europe courier rates and and costs page, on this page you will also find worked examples.

That's all for now.