This blog will be about the life and experiences of an active motorcycle courier in the UK who rides all over the UK and into western Europe.

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Comparison Of Costs For London Outbound Motorcycle Courier Jobs

It appears that London based motorcycle courier services offer quite high prices for work that involves travelling any sort of distance north of London. I can’t quite figure out why this is but can only guess that it is more lucrative for them to operate within London which would allow them to fit in more jobs in a given working day.

We believe that even though we are about 100 miles north of the City we can offer competitive prices for London outbound work, especially if it’s coming north.

This service would work for same day deliveries as long as sufficient time is allowed for us to get to London to pick up the item. For example in you had an item for same day delivery to say Newcastle, it would have to be picked up by 12 noon in order to arrive by close of the working day at 5pm.

So let’s do an example costing of a job like this, basing it on a pick up in the City and delivering to Newcastle:

The total for this job would be approximately £387.25 including VAT. Of course this would be depend on exact post codes, but shouldn’t vary too much.

In order to make a comparison I first obtained a quote off the internet for a well known London based courier firm for an identical job on a motorcycle, their published on-line quote:

£898.26 plus VAT making it £1032 including VAT

We then also contacted four other London based motorcycle courier companies and requested identical quotes for a dedicated motorcycle courier to do this job, the prices came out as follows:

£733.16 including VAT
£734.36 including VAT
£430.10 including VAT
£430.73 including VAT

So as you can see, we can offer the same service for a considerable saving on your part. I can only think that this is because we operate nationwide as our normal method of operation.

In order for this service to work it would be best to book the job in advance, say at least the day before, but certainly by 9AM in this case to guarantee delivery before 5PM.

If you want a quotation for a specific job please call us on 01780 766151

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Only A Dedicated Motorcycle Courier Could Do This

Last Monday I set out on a job at about 07:45 for an 08:30 pick up in Corby.

The first leg of this job was to take a document up to Pudsey in West Yorkshire so that it could be signed, I arrived in Pudsey at about 10:35 and waited for 20 minutes or so for the document to be read and signed. During this time I had a bite to eat and a cuppa.

On the road again, to the final delivery on City Road in London, the delivery was made by about 14:30.

Only a dedicated courier could perform such a job with accuracy and speed, it would not be possible to get this done as quickly with a normal courier service.

Safe riding

Courier Job To Oxford Street

I had a courier job from Cambridge to Oxford Street today, delivery by noon.

I was a little concerned about this one today because of the G20 protest marches, I did do some research on the net before I left this morning to see if my route would be affected at all but it was difficult to find concise details.

Anyway the job had to be done, if ran into any problems I could always park the bike up and jump on the underground, that was my back-up plan!

It was all clear riding right down to Grays Inn Road, Euston Road was free running only stopping for traffic lights, Baker Street was empty as was Oxford street and I arrived 25 minutes early. Fortunately the backload was ready so I did a quick turnround and got on my way.

This must have been the easiest ride into central London that I have ever done, let's see if it's the same tomorrow as I have another trip down to the smoke, this time to the Aldgate area.

Safe riding