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Monday, 28 February 2011

SDSA Motorcycle Couriers - Change of Ownership

Hi All,

well it's been a long time since I made a new post, but as you may have read, I had a back problem last December which the Doc has told me could happen again at any time without notice. Not a good thing to happen when on a motorcycle!

So I have hung up my boots now, haven't been on the bike since the back problem happened, although I have been starting it regularly and rolling back and forth to keep the brakes free.

Anyway, to the main purpose of this post, the change of ownership for SDSA Motorcycle Couriers. The new owner is Chris Kenwright of CK Motorcycle Couriers.

Chris offers an identical service to the one I offered, point to pint, dedicated same day couriers services to the same high level as I worked to, in fact I helped Chris get started in his business a number of years ago now and he has completed numerous courier  jobs for me to a very high standard. So with this in mind, I am reassured that my existing clients will not be dissappointed at all and can highly recommend his services to anyone reading this post.

CK Motorcycle Couriers also have a small van for your larger consigments, a service I couldn't offer.

So all that remains of for me to thank you for following this blog over the years and to hand you over to Chris, you can find his web site here:


All the best and safe riding


Monday, 10 January 2011

Closing The Business


after a nunber of enjoyable years running this business the time has come to call it a day.

Back in December I trapped a nerve in my back, the pain was so bad that I blacked out - not good! The doctor has told me this could happen again with no warning which presents a very real danger to both myself and other road users if it were to happen when I was riding.

I have therefore decided to offer the business for sale which will include the client list, 3 web sites (2 still to be delveloped) an 0845 number, this blog and twitter account.

The bike, my trusty ST1100, which has a few mods to make it better for courier work, could be offered as well.

If anyone is interested please visit the site: SDSA Motorcycle Couriers where you will find my contact details.

Best regards and safe riding


Saturday, 26 June 2010

Belgium Courier delivery short notice

Last Thursday my wife had an appointment at hospital so I dropped her off and got some other jobs done then I parked outside to wait for her to call me to pick her up. At about 11am my phone rang, it was one of my clients wanting to know if I could make a delivery to Belgium today, I explained where I was and asked her to email the details across and when I got back I would send her a quote, but yes subject to being able to book the Eurotunnel crossings it could be done.

When we got home the email was waiting for me so I checked Eurotunnel first and then created the quote which I passed onto her over the phone, she had to get it authorized and said she would get back to me. About 30 minutes later I got the call that the quote was acceptable and that she would like to proceed.

It took a short while to prepare the paperwork, get the addresses into the GPS and make the Eurotunnel reservations and then I was on my way.

The package was collected at about 2:30pm, next stop Eurotunnel at Folkestone about 140 miles or so. I stopped at the services on the M20 which are about 2 miles before the Eurotunnel to top off the fuel and then headed to the terminal.

There were delays at the terminal because the check in booths had broken down so check in was being done manually, thought I was going to miss my crossing but they got me onto it and I arrived in France at about 6pm local time.

So I headed north towards Breda, the roads were pretty quiet at the time and the road works that had been there two weeks ago between Calais and Dunkirk were all finished, no more pot holes and no delays. The delivery was to a small village about 20 miles off the motorway roughly between Breda and Ghent and I must admit it was interesting actual finding the delivery address because there were road works in the village and some roads were closed but I found it.

On arrival there was no one there at the workshop, this was about 8:40pm but I had the recipient’s phone number so I called him and he arrived about 9pm, once he had signed for the package I was on my way again back to Calais.

The ride back was glorious, the roads were really quiet and for a good 45 minutes I was riding into a really beautiful sunset and for once it was really pleasant between Ostend and Calais. The ride back was going so well that I hoped I might be in time for an earlier crossing on Eurotunnel than the one I had booked. I was just too late for the 10:50 departure and there was no 11:20 crossing so I had over an hour to wait before the 11:50 crossing.

I arrived back in Folkestone at about 11:30pm local time and started to head home with a brief stop at Stansted services on the M11 for a cuppa. I think I arrived home at about 2:15am and then took the dogs for a short walk then fell into bed after a 555 mile trip.

Ride safe


Saturday, 19 June 2010

Just Had Another Good Run To Holland

I have just had another good run over to Holland, went on the 16th June and came back on 17th June, for once the weather was dry, although very windy between Calais and Ostend on the outbound trip, but once I started to turn inland after Brugge the wind died down a lot.

About 12 miles outside Tilburg on the motorway I got nicked by a car, I was in the inside lane and all of a sudden heard a crunch, a car had come onto my offside and clipped my left mirror pod with his/her wing mirror, my mirror pod lost the battle and got smashed on the tarmac, fortunately that was the only damage and I was able to stop safely on the hard shoulder to inspect the damage.

The trip back was uneventful and the delivery was made in good time.

For anyone going across to Europe in the next week or so and heading north, be aware there are a lot of road works between Calais and Dunkirk at the moment, worth keeping in mind if you are on a deadline!

I got a second hand mirror pod off Struan at A1 Honda in Stamford this morning and I am going to spray both mirror Pod’s matt black this weekend and then we will be ready for whatever next weeks brings.

All the best


Monday, 31 May 2010

ST1100 Heli Bars

Are you an ST1100 owner, do you struggle sometimes on longer trips, could you do with a more upright seating position to improve comfort?

The answer could be to fit a set of Heli Bars to your bike, I used these on my last ST and found a great improvement because you can raise the bars by up to 3 inches and can also set them back by as much as 3 inches.

I had them fitted to a non ABS bike so the hoses and cables were fine, not sure if the same hold true for the ANS model.

As far as I am aware, these bars are no longer manufactured by Heli Modified in the US and are becoming very rare indeed. Having said this I have just listed set on ebay.co.uk so if you want a set now is the time to go and grab them.

Brief description:

Part number: MTS (95-02)
Condition: used

These Heli Bars come complete with the bar end thread inserts fitted, so you don’t have to go and source them or wreck your original bars trying to get them out. Have also included a pair of bar end weights and a RAM ball mount for a GPS in the sale.

You can find them here:
ST1100 Heli Bars on ebay.co.uk

Here is what they look like fitted:

These Heli Bars will be on ebay.co.uk for a week.

Best regards


Friday, 28 May 2010

SKDC B2B 2010

SDSA Motorcycle Couriers will be at the SKDC B2B event again this year to be held at the Mere’s Centre in Grantham on 9th June 2010 between 12 noon and 7PM.

If you have ever wondered what it’s like to be a motorcycle courier or would simply like to learn more about the work and what it involves this is your chance to come and have a chat.

Do you use courier services for your important documents or consignment’s and would like to know what a dedicated same day courier service could do for your business, then this is your opportunity to come and talk to us.

SDSA Motorcycle Couriers specialise in the same day transportation of confidential material, delivering throughout the UK and into Western Europe.

The motorcycle will be on display and I will be manning the stall so I look forward to meeting you.

More information about the event can be found on SKDC’s website here.

Best regards